Moondog Fizzer

Moon Dog Fizzer – Passionfruit Seltzer

Tropical Crush Think Passiona, Frosty Fruits and tropical fruit punch! With bursts of passion fruit, mango, orange and pineapple it’s as refreshing as all those things that have cooled you down in summer for years!   ...

Lexington Hill Espresso Martini

Lexington Hill Espresso Martini

Lexington hill Espresso Martini   An inviting coffee/mocha aroma gives way through the firm crema to a creamy palate of pure cold drip coffee, cacao vanilla notes and warm spirit undertones.   This addictive combination lends itself to being the perfect sipping cocktail which is both sophisticated and approachable   Ingredients Batched from Melbourne cold drip coffee, quadruple distilled grain vodka,  Continental crème de cacao and sugar syrup...



Furphy Refreshing Ale is a clean and crisp, balanced beer with subtle fruit flavours and aromas. Deep gold in colour and slightly hazy, there’s a subtle maltiness throughout, balanced with a delicate hop character which leads to a pleasantly refreshing, dry finish.

Stone and Wood

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

Fixation Obsession Session IPA

Fixation Obsession IPA

Fixation Obsession IPA Session IPA - 4.6% ABV Obsession is the perfect blend of flavour and drinkability. Beautiful golden pale malt provides the base for the dominant piney and fruity aromas. Clean, bright and fruity. This is a refreshing beer loaded with the best Simcoe and Mosaic hops.  ...

Carlton Draught

Carlton Draught

The glorious copper tanks of Brewery Fresh Carlton Draught Tank Beer are a testament to Carlton Draught’s unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest draught beer. For beneath that shimmering copper lies a vast golden sea of unpasteurised Carlton Draught. Unpasteurised beer is the purist’s beer, as unlike other beers, it is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process. It is Carlton Draught served as the brewer intended with a lively taste profile and a smooth finish. Our fanatical commitment to freshness dictates that our Tank Beer is decanted straight from the bright beer tank and transported cold to the venue straight from the brewery. Why do we go to such extraordinary lengths to serve the freshest draught beer? Well, just one taste and you’ll understand. ...



Kosciuszko Pale is a 4.5% alcohol, slightly cloudy ale that challenges the limits of the traditional Australian Pale Ale. Crafted from a blend of Pale & Munich malts, and brewed using Tasmanian grown Galaxy hops our pale ale delivers a pleasant maltiness with a refreshing fruity hop finish. ABV: 4.5%  ...


Coldstream Apple Cider

Made from 100% Victorian apples, our cider is pure goodness, no concentrates or powders here. Our apples are crushed and then cold fermented – essentially the magical turning apples into alcohol process happens in the cold  – giving our cider its delightful fizz. We finish with a filter to leave our Coldstream Cider crystal clear and that’s it. Coldstream Cider – clean, crisp and ready to drink

4 Pines American style Pale Ale

4 Pines Pale Ale

AMERICAN STYLE PALE ALE A colourful deep Ruby Amber appearance. Aromas of Pine and Grapefruit overlay a malt background. On the palate full bodied malty flavours with a tight and bitter finish. 35 IBU / 5.1% ABV

Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale

Mountain Goat Steam Ale

The Steam is a crisp, certified organic ale. We incorporate a slap of wheat malt in the grist make-up and ferment it cool. We use Cascade and Citra hops to give  . Great as the weather warms up. 4.5% ABV / 22 IBU