Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish....

4 Pines Kolsch

‘GERMAN STYLE GOLDEN ALE’ Light straw in colour. Aromas of lemon/lime prelude a light malty palate. Finishing crisp and clean showing hints of spice and citrus. 22 IBU / 4.6% ABV 4 Pines Kolsch...

Carlton Draught

The glorious copper tanks of Brewery Fresh Carlton Draught Tank Beer are a testament to Carlton Draught’s unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest draught beer. For beneath that shimmering copper lies a vast golden sea of unpasteurised Carlton Draught. Unpasteurised beer is the purist’s beer, as unlike other beers, it is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process. It is Carlton Draught served as the brewer intended with a lively taste profile and a smooth finish. Our fanatical commitment to freshness dictates that our Tank Beer is decanted straight from the bright beer tank and transported cold to the venue straight from the brewery. Why do we go to such extraordinary lengths to serve the freshest draught beer? Well, just one taste and you’ll understand....

Napoleone Apple Cider

This unique apple blend has been hand-crafted using fruit from the Napoleone family’s Yarra Valley orchards, established in 1948. The combination of apple varieties delivers a unique flavour and the ideal balance of acidity, sweetness and tannins. The varieties include – Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fuji and Sundowner apples. All fresh fruit with no juice concentrate! Fermented using a Rhone Valley white wine yeast and with a subtle influence of American oak, this cider is produced in regular, fresh, small batches Displaying bright aromas of crisp apple with subtle vanillin and cinnamon oak character, this cider is still wonderfully refreshing with a clean, dry finish....

4 Pines Pale Ale

‘AMERICAN STYLE PALE ALE A colourful deep Ruby Amber appearance. Aromas of Pine and Grapefruit overlay a malt background. On the palate full bodied malty flavours with a tight and bitter finish. 35 IBU / 5.1% ABV


Gold Ale pays homage to Kolsch but turns up the aromatics with sharp-flavoured Galaxy hops. It’s the batch full of lightness, both in colour and in being created to be the beer for every occasion. ABV 4.4% | IBU 20 | EBC 15-20

Young Henry’s Hop Ale

Some people might call this beer an India Pale Ale, but we’re not sure what defines an IPA these days; is it English? American? West coast? East coast? No coast? So we prefer not to worry about ticking boxes and just call this beer what it is: Hop Ale. But this is no garden-variety hoppy ale. She's big, bold and beautiful. She's dark and mysterious. Not stout-black, more super dark red. If you triumphantly hold a pint of this beauty up to the light it'll show off amazing crimson hues, but in the depths of a darkened winter pub she'll be black as the night. The malty richness comes from a whopping seven malts - Australian and American, then tickled  with a little New Zealand (Kohatu). Each plays its part - Carafa gives it its dark colour, Crystal its red hue, Rye for spiciness and Munich for mouthfeel. All balanced out with that distinctive resinous hop flavour and citrus nose.  Not one for the faint hearted. But the new and improved Hop Ale remains dangerously drinkable all-year-round.